Sunday, April 22, 2018

Poetry - Closer.

Guys, this latest, newest little poem, is my favorite one yet, that I have written so far this year (in English). It is realistic and raw, humble and honest, beautiful and bold, heartbreaking and healing, filled with hope and sadness at the same time. I love it! I hope you do too. Have a great new week!

(April 2018.)

Sometimes it feels like a million years
that a love that breaks us and makes us 
comes along once again,
time stands still and yet it moves along,
as two souls head toward each other
and they get closer.

Steps we take up and down,
downing coffee every morning
as a new day starts and a new opportunity beams,
time is nothing but sand in a hourglass,
each hour feels longer than the last,
but we get one step closer.

We have loved and lost so much,
our souls have been through cycles like in a washing machine,
days have turned into nights and nights have felt like days,
tears have poured and filled pillows with sadness,
time has continued to move on,
we have healed as we have gotten closer.

One day we wake up and feel wiser,
no fool ever fell in love without opening up their heart,
no day starts without a sunrise even the rainy ones,
time fills up our Insta stories
and our Facebook Timelines,
there are stories there to be told,
stories that have brought us closer...

Closer to humanity, closer to people,
closer to the ones that see us each day,
closer to the children of the world
and the smiles that warm up their faces,
closer to the sun when we needed it the most,
closer to the ones we have lost
and the loved ones six feet under...

One more time we run around
with the broken pieces of our hearts in our hands,
we try to pick up each piece,
close the door behind us and start all over again,
to try to make sense of it all,
as the scars of our souls try to heal...

And one morning we turn a new leaf,
like a Spring bird we sing and chirp,
filled with a sense of calm tenderness,
we get closer to the truth we once hated to admit,
closer to the ones we shut down for many long months,
closer to someone who may make us feel like we belong...

We belong to another heart, another embrace,
we deserve to be loved again,
we deserve to be treated with kindness and sweetness,
we deserve to feel like a prince or a princess,
as we get closer to another lost soul,
closer to another body who felt cold and alone...

Closer to a touch that feels softer than anything,
closer to a kiss that tastes sweeter than anything,
closer to a hug that bridges further than anything,
closer to a heartbeat that beats stronger than anything,
closer to an embrace that bonds deeper than anything,
closer to a person that makes us feel like everything!

Closer to a hand that feels like it belongs holding another hand,
closer to an eye that looks at us and makes us feel the most beautiful,
closer to a body that feels like it was meant for our own body,
closer to a bed we were supposed to share together,
closer to another human who time shattered and healed again,
closer to a person just like us, broken and imperfect... 
but strong, courageous, fierce and oh so brave!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black and Blush Pink for Spring.

Hope your weekend is going well you all. This is the case of one of those outfits that is cute on but doesn't photograph as cute. I think that's because it looks like those pants don't go so well. But they are actually Dressy Black Bootcut Trousers.  I decided to pair them with Blush tones - lots of them. Because Blush+Black is always beautiful, no?! I am wearing 4 different blush items (in different shades) but they all sort of blend in together, creating a monochromatic look altogether. My Long V-Neck Loop Tee (by Nordstrom), Long Chenille Cardigan (by Loft), Velvet Mules (by Target) and Soft Velvet Bow Ponytail Holder (by Old Navy) are all in shades of Blush Pink.

I ended up wearing this outfit this past Wednesday (when it warmed up a bit) to work, a dentist appointment and then going bra-shopping with my mom lol. I hate bra shopping, don't you?! I did get measured a month ago so I at least buy the right size, now. But I ended up buying three bras that fit great and are so pretty and they are all in pretty shades for Spring+Summer too. But yeah I got a lot of wear out of this Chenille Cardigan in the beginning of Fall last year and cannot wait to wear it more this Spring and into early Summer. This tee will get a lot of wear too - since I wore it to work and I have a lot of cleavage, I opted for a little demure white camisole underneath it, this time. Also, these Fun Heather Green Ball Circle Earrings I have recently purchased on clearance from Target, are perfect and light for Spring and Summer and definitely make a statement! What do you think of this outfit?! I definitely think it will work for a business casual environment as well as put-together mom wear or daily errands.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thursday Moda #111: Textures and Lace.

Good Morning from this very cold Thursday. Today I am joined by one of my new blogger favorites CHERYL from Cheryl Shops, a Californian babe with  a Californian Cool+Breezy Style, as you will see from the outfit she wore today, also. Cheryl clearly loves to shop a lot - my kind of girl lol - and mixes high-end designer items with more affordable pieces in her outfits. Today, we are both styling Textures and Lace for Spring. My outfit is actually covered in textures and lace, while Cheryl's is more subtle and definitely very Californian. Cheryl's Ivory Top has a lace-like texture.  Her straw bag with the oversized tassels and the tassels on her sandal mules also have a lot of texturing and match so perfectly together. I love that we both styled similar Ivory/Off White Tops with a third piece on top - a Velvet Blazer for me and a Long Cardigan for her. Go on and read about the details of my outfit, below.

First of all, this outfit was worn last Monday on April 9th where we had a day in the late 40s here in Michigan but it was a very sunny day so it felt warmer. You can see the sun peeking through the fireplace and my mantle, too. I do have a tip for you cold-climate ladies though, when it is below 55 degrees, keep those legs warm by wearing thin nude pantyhose. Choose simple matte ones so they look seamless. I bet you didn't know I am wearing pantyhose here?! As a matter of fact I ended up taking these photos in the early evening after work - where I wore this outfit to - and it started getting so cold and windy out so I opted to stay warm and comfortable and shot my pics indoors.

As far as the outfit: yes I have on A LOT of Texture and Lace. The Ivory Camisole by Guess (I have had for many years) is made of 100% silk with a thin lace trim and it is embroidered in the front under the chest area (this camisole has so many current trends and yes it shows a lot of cleavage and I have plenty, though I usually 'hide it'). The Cropped Black Blazer is 100% Velvet and such a soft velvet too. The Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt has a Scalloped Lace Trim around the hem. The Bag is in a Faux Crocodile-Embossed one. And last but definitely not least the Red+Black Oxford Shoes (I get compliments on them every time I wear them) are in a Soft Leather and the black part in the front is black lace with grey+black crystals embellished over the lace. The shoe-ties are also made of 100% lace too. So yeah, if you counted correctly besides all the different textures and leathers, there is lace on my shoes, my skirt and my camisole. A lot of texture for a fun, sexy, feminine, modern and unique look. I actually wore this to the office - I am lucky to work at a creative environment so I could totally wear this outfit - but I have boobs and they were on display that day lol, so I wore my Black Infinity Floral Scarf by Loft over the cami and kept that on for the office too. But take off this scarf and the outfit is perfect for date night. Your boyfriend or husband would love it - trust me! I love that the scarf has blush pink flowers in a subtle print and the red lines in the scarf bring out the red shoes more. Lastly, I went with a bright fuchsia lipstick. So what do you think of this Fun and Sexy Black+White Look?! How are you wearing textures and lace this Spring?!

Last Week there were over 100 outfits linked and I loved soooo many dresses, like you can see from my collage of favorites. Spring is in the air for so many of you, except in Michigan of course lol. I had such a hard time narrowing it down this week so here are my final 6 favorites, all so different yet all so beautiful and stylish! Yeay ladies!!
Mica styled 'Maxi Dresses For The Weekend' and I loved this strawberry red one with the teal, coral and aqua floral print. Her style is always cool and effortless.
Elsie showed four ways 'How To Wear A Trenchcoat' and I loved this edgy and sexy look with the tulip mini skirt and tan OTK boots.
Grace is gorgeous in 'Mauve' in her ethereal gown and pretty hairdo. She is dressed to the nines and looking sublime!
'Pink and Black Houndstooth' Tunic Dress?! Sure, if you are as cool, edgy and fabulous as Suzy why not?! This lady always know how to layer!
Of course Darlene knows 'How to Style a Kimono' - the same exact one I wore on last week's Thursday Moda (which you all loved). She even wore almost identical wine-colored Mary Jane shoes.
'A Wrap Dress' is always a classic and beautiful piece and Jessica knows it. She styled hers in such a Springy, breezy, fresh way. Love her sandals and bag.

Thursday Moda's Co-Host: Cheryl Shops.
Like I mentioned before I love Cheryl's Cool Californian Style. It totally suits her with her porcelain skin and blonde hair. Not only is she such a stylish lady but the locations of her photos are always amazing. Also, Cheryl has great legs as the collage below attests. I created a collage of some of my favorite outfits of hers from this year, all featuring skirts. I love that she has the same color palette - tan and light blue - in all three looks. I also believe that the first outfit (left) would be perfect for early Spring or a Wintery type of Spring like ours in Michigan, the middle outfit is great for Mid-Spring and a great transitioning look, while the third outfit (on the right) is great for late Spring through early Summer.

From Cheryl's Mouth:
"Hi, I'm Cheryl from Cheryl Shops, and, yes, I love to shop. Things I also love: traveling, wine, sunshine, and Pilates. Born in Chicago, I lived in New York City for 14 years, and am currently residing in San Francisco. I've been blogging since the dark ages—2003, to be exact. After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back, with a focus on what to wear and how to live when you're 40 and over. My philosophy on style is that you should wear what makes you feel good, and that true style is ageless. I also think style transcends all topics, so you'll also find posts on beauty, wellness, travel (another one of my passions), and general life hacks. Please stop by and say hi! And for social media, I can be found on Instagram and Pinterest".

Join this week's lucky 111 Thursday Moda and Thank You!!